Car accidents are killing more Americans each year

A new report by the National Safety Council revealed that in 2014 accidents are killing more Americans each year.  In 2014, more than 136,000 Americans died from a car accident. That is a 15.5 percent jump over the last decade and 4.2 percent from the year before. Despite the 22 percent drop in car crash related deaths in 2005, there has still been a rise in car wrecks. The United States has higher car fatalities then any of the other developed countries. This can be attributed to loose drunk driving regulations and other safety rules in the U.S. Behind heart disease, cancer and respiratory disease unintentional accidents, such as vehicle crashes, are the 4th leading killer in America.

While some states are safer to drive in then others, Seattle is ranked as one of the cities with the worst drivers in the nation. Seattle and Washington state car accidents are becoming more frequent.  To deal with car accidents in Washington state and how to stay safe on the road visit:

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