Families need help after a serious or fatality accident

When someone is injured or killed in an accident, families need help to protect their rights

We hear every day from people whose loved on was injured or killed in a collision. Family members are very concerned about protecting their loved one as they recover from a serious accident or injury. When a fatality happens, families need legal advice and support as they begin the healing process.

Pacific Northwest personal injury attorney Bill Coats works to protect injured people and their families

Bill Coats helps his clients by: 
  • dealing with phone calls, emails, and faxes from aggressive insurance adjusters;
  • handling all of the paperwork and forms related to your claim;
  • making recorded or videotapes statements;
  • collecting copies of medical records or bills needed to fully support your case;
  • dealing with collections agencies;
  • preparing and filing all documents;
  • preventing injured people and their families from being pressured into settling a claim for less than it's worth.

Bill Coats Law offers a no-fee guarantee - There is no fee unless we win

Bill Coats handles all of his personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that you pay nothing up front, and you pay no fees if your claim is unsuccessful. You only pay if we deliver a successful claim.

Contact us today to tell us what happened, and learn about your rights and options

After a serious or fatality accident, it is hard to know what to do next. Contact us today to get information, to learn what should happen now, and to begin the process of healing.