Sleep apnea causes more truck accidents among truck drivers

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Truck drivers that suffer from sleep apnea and do not follow their treatment plan are at risk for higher truck accident rates then truck drivers who do not have sleep apnea. A research project was conducted under the Truckers & Turnover Project at the University of Minnesota looked more than 1,600 U.S. truck drivers with disruptive sleep apnea and a group of the equal number of truck drivers without the sleep condition. The group with sleep apnea was prescribed a treatment that kept their airways open when they slept. Some of the drivers with sleep apnea used the machine and some did not.

The rate of serious and preventable truck crashes was five times higher for the truck drivers who had sleep apnea but did not use their treatment.  These findings support the need for sleep screening for truck drivers to prevent accidents in Island County and across the nation.  Lack of sleep and sleep apnea are a threat to transport safety and create higher risk for truck accidents in Island County.

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