Biking in Anacortes with young children


Anacortes and Skagit County are popular areas to bike during the warmer months. The only issue with them is the risk of bike and car accidents and their dangers in Anacortes. There is an ongoing debate about biking safety is, which is safer for children, the bike trailer or the bike seat?

Parents with young children still want to bike and need to include their young children. There are two options for bringing along children, the trailer and the seat. The trailers attach to the back of the bike and are pulled on a set of wheels, while the bike seat is mounted onto the rear of the bike. While there are no specific studies yet deciding which is safest, there seem to be pros and cons with both of these biking options for Anacortes bike riders.

The bike trailer is more stable but when turning around tight spaces this is more difficult to navigate. The bicycle seats allow the child to be very close to the driver but they make the bike very top heavy.

To remain safe no matter what biking attachment you choose, only experienced bikers should use these with their children to prevent and bicycle accidents and injuries to young children in Anacortes.

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