New in-car breathalyzers help to prevent drinking and driving car accidents

Ignition devices are helping to prevent drunk driving and drunk driving car accidents across the nation and in Skagit County, Washington. In-car breathalyzers are acting as ignition interlocks, which have led to a 15 percent decline in drunk driving deaths in 18 states that have required someone with a past DUI charge to use.  This has saved about 915 lives from a drunk driving car accident from 2007 to 2013, which is compared to the mandatory airbag law.

If the law passed to make a mandatory interlock law, this could work to get more than just a 15% reduction in drunk driving accidents. But, 15% has made a big impact, and if this went nationwide, it could save 1,500 lives each year to drunk driving car accidents.

30% of fatal car wrecks are due to alcohol-related issues, which claims about 11,000 lives yearly.

Drunk driving is a big issue in Skagit County, this new technology could help to end drunk driving car accidents in Skagit County. To read more about this topic visit: