Back and spine experts in Sedro Woolley help car accident victims

Imagine you're about to change lanes on I-5 to make your exit home to Sedro Woolley. However, the car in the lane beside you is driven by a distracted driver. Just as you're about to pull into the lane behind them, the distracted driver glances up from their phone, not realizing they were about to miss a curve, and their overcorrection means chaos for everyone around them. You're hit, and you're one of the lucky ones, even though the forces of the impact wreak havoc on  your back and spine. You're worried that you won't be able to get the right medical care in Sedro Woolley to live without pain.

Luckily, there are a multitude of ways to treat back and spine injuries in Sedro Woolley and Skagit County. Since this is frequently a long term treatment lasting weeks, months, or years, it is important to have trusted experts serving the Sedro Woolley community locally. Treatment for back injuries includes medications, massage therapy, chiropractic care, epidural injections, pain management and surgery. Though not at all an exhaustive list, here are a few options for back and spine injury treatment providers:

Cascade Physical Therapy & Sports Clinic

Health First Chiropractic in Skagit County