Burn scars can be relieved by Sedro Woolley massage therapists

Distracted driving has made driving less safe, even though cars have become safer and sturdier. But if a driver hits you who is not paying attention the impact can be extreme. In worst case scenarios, a fire ignites, and lives are changed forever. Life after a serious car accident means a series of challenging adjustments for Sedro Woolley accident victims. Not only is it hard to deal with the stack of medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, but if you experience burn scars, there is a constant reminder of your trauma.

Luckily for Sedro Woolley car accident victims, skilled experts able to treat burns are available in both mainstream and alternative modalities. Massage can be particularly beneficial to healing burn scar tissue. Quite often massage therapists are contracted with PIP insurance plans. Accident victims may need a prescription from their primary care physician for such treatments. Here are a few local providers in or around Sedro Woolley and Skagit County:

Solace Massage

Hands of Steel