Car accident victims in Sedro-Woolley need expert treatment for broken bones

Northwest Injury Lawyers Bill Coats and his team are familiar with Sedro Woolley car accident victim's broken bone injuries. It's not hard to imagine why. Let's say you're driving along on a wet, wintry day, and a driver moving towards you at a rate of speed too fast for the conditions loses control. He sideswipes you, and the result is that you break your arm and leg. It's a scenario that no one wants, but with drivers speeding, driving distracted or drunk and simply more cars on the road, car accidents and serious injuries are on the rise. Fractures mean a long recovery, and usually mean lost wages as well as expensive medical bills. Broken bones require an immediate trip to the ER, and multiple follow up appointments with various health care professionals. Luckily, Sedro Woolley and other Skagit Valley communities have many skilled and experienced health care professionals ready to help. Here are a couple links to begin your path to recovering from your car accident:

Orthopedic & Sports Medicine - PeaceHealth

Skagit Regional Health - Orthopedics & Sports Medicine