Sedro Woolley car accidents can leave victims with head, neck, brain, and concussion injuries that need medical attention

Sedro Woolley car accident victims who have received a head, neck or concussion injury know firsthand how devastating these injuries can be. Imagine suddenly not remembering simple things in the days or weeks after a car accident, and being unable to turn ones head without pain. These kinds of injuries can go unseen by medical doctors unless they're obvious enough to be noticed by emergency medical techs, which is unfortunate, because they are no less serious even if they aren't as obvious as a broken bone. We recommend you see your family doctor after a car accident for a check-up, and expect to be asked questions that may seem related to nothing in your car accident. For example, most people don't connect nausea with a head injury, but that is indeed a symptom. Your family doctor may recommend you see a specialist who treats these injuries in Sedro Woolley, and what type of specialist he or she recommends will depend on your particular injuries. For your convenience, I have listed a few specialists who treat head, neck and concussion injuries in or near Sedro Woolley.

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