Sedro-Woolley Chiropractors Do Adjustments for Auto Accident Whiplashes

A car accident is never planned.  There you are, going through an intersection in Sedro-Woolley, Washington when, Wham, a texting teenager broadsides your car.  You are furious but grateful you are not hurt.  However, in the next couple of days, your neck and shoulders start aching and soon you cannot turn your neck.  After x-rays show that there are no broken bones, there are many treatment options for this; one being chiropractic spine manipulation.  Insurance companies will cover this type of treatment.  Personal Injury Attorney Bill Coats represents clients with these types of whiplash and soft tissue injuries caused by auto accidents; when chiropractic care for these injuries continues as a curative treatment, Bill Coats will assist his clients in getting the bills paid.  For your convenience, Bill Coats has listed several chiropractors in Mt. Vernon, Washington who will treat whiplash and soft tissue injuries from car accidents.  This is by no means a complete list:

Ramos Chiropractic &Massage Center

Health First Chiropractic