Whiplash injuries are common in Sedro Woolley car accidents

Sedro Woolley is the gateway to the Cascades, and one of the entry ways into North Cascades National Park. As such, the town sees a lot of traffic while Highway 20 is open. So imagine if you're heading home after work and another driver fiddling with the GPS plows into you, having neglected to figure out directions before he started his route. It is quite possible that you could have a neck injury or whiplash after your Sedro Woolley car accident. Luckily, chiropractors are able to address soft tissue injuries common in car accidents with great success. Personal Injury Attorney Bill Coats represents clients who have suffered whiplash and soft tissue injuries caused by car accidents. For your convenience, he has listed several chiropractors in Sedro Woolley, Washington who will treat whiplash and soft tissue injuries from auto accidents.  This is by no means a complete list:

Sedro Woolley Chiropractic Clinic

Health First Chiropractic of Skagit Valley