Virtual Reality to help stop drunk driving

Through the use of Virtual Reality, or VR, Diageo’s Digital and Technology team is taking consumers on a drunk driving journey to show the dangers of what driving drunk is really like. It goes through the whole process, from the beginning to the end to reveal the tragic and even fatal consequences that come along with drinking and driving.  Diageo is a beverage alcohol company and want to teach people to drink responsibly.

The goal of the drunk driving simulator is to put someone in the center of the experience and for them to see the terrible choices that lead to an even worse outcome.  To make the experience realistic, the team will be interviewing people impacted by drunk driving car accidents. The company is developing the platform to be used across Facebook 360, YouTube and VR headsets, which means this experience will be accessible to from Arlington, to Edmonds and Marysville. Anyone in Snohomish County and across the U.S. will eventually be able to experience the simulation and hopefully prevent drunk driving car accidents.

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