Neck Injury Attorneys

Puget Sound accidents leave many people with debilitating neck injuries

Injury attorney Bill Coats has worked with hundreds of people injured in accidents. Neck injuries are among the most common injuries, and the most debilitating. These types of injury can be especially painful and long lasting, even permanent, and can negatively a person's enjoyment of life, their work, and their relationships.

Typical neck injuries and symptoms from Puget Sound accidents include:

  • Neck sprain - Ligaments are bands of fibrous tissue that connect bones together and help to stabilize joints. When those ligaments are stretched or torn in the neck, the result is a neck sprain, which can cause pain and stiffness.
  • Cervical Radiculopathy (pinched nerve) - When a nerve is irritated or pinched, by either a bone spur or a fragment of a herniated (ruptured) disc, it causes the nerve to not work properly.
  • Herniated Disc - When neck motion puts too much pressure on a disc, a herniated disc may result. If the tear is on the side of the disc next to the spinal canal, the pressure can cause pain, numbness and weakness along the nerve.
  • Common symptoms of neck injuries include pain in the neck, shoulders, arms and hands, headaches, reduced range of motion in your neck, numbness, weakness and slower reflexes, and muscle spasms in your neck.

Many people who suffer a neck injury can no longer work as they had before, and experience severe financial problems as a result.

Bill Coats and his team are here to help

A neck injury caused by any type of motor vehicle accident can change your life. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t be the one held responsible for the financial obligations caused. Bill can help you by managing your insurance claim to obtain compensation for the injuries and other damages you have suffered.

Bill Coats Law offers a no-fee guarantee - There is no fee unless we win

Bill Coats handles all of his personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that you pay nothing up front, and you pay no fees if your claim is unsuccessful. You only pay if we deliver a successful claim.

Bill helps injured people across Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, and Island Counties:

Everett Lynnwood Marysville
Mill Creek Snohomish Anacortes
Mt Vernon Oak Harbor Bellingham
Blaine Ferndale Lynden
Stanwood Burlington Snohomish

Ultimately, what you need is the path to move forward from your neck injury.

What does a successful neck injury insurance claim look like?

When someone is injured in a crash caused the negligence of someone else, Bill communicates with physicians and specialists to evaluate the extent and severity of injuries and other damages, to determine how the injuries will affect life now and in the future. Many injuries require expensive, long-term medical care, and Bill documents expected future medical costs to ensure they are fully factored into the insurance-claim process. A successful neck injury claim is one in which an injured person receives a settlement that enables them to fully recover financially, and compensates them for all current and future losses, as well as their pain and suffering.

Contact us today to tell us your story, and to learn more about your rights and options. If we can help you, we will.

Whiplash is by far one of the most common car accident injuries, in Marysville car accidents or anywhere else. It's easy to see how. In a typical car accident, a force is applied, intensely and suddenly, to a car from an outside object - perhaps another car, or a tree, guardrail, etc. Suddenly, the vehicle's forward motion is going to come to an abrupt stop, but not before the car richochets around and disperses all that energy that inertia had been swiftly moving along. Those forces applied to the soft tissue of a neck are going to create tears, sprains, or bruising, or worse.

It doesn't take a dramatic, high-speed collision to have a neck injury from an Oak Harbor car crash. Whiplash is a common car accident injury because the forces involved in any car crash are usually more than the human body can safely withstand. Even though cars have been getting safer, drivers have become more dangerous due to distracted and drunk driving. Many of the car accidents in Oak Harbor happen because a driver was distracted. Neck pain is a symptom of soft tissue damage, so if you have been in an Oak Harbor car accident and experience pain in your neck, see your doctor.

Think that pain in your neck after your Coupeville car accident will go away on its own? It might. Or it might not. Many car accident victims feel soreness and pain in their neck vertebrae after a car accident. This isn't because they're making it up. The fact is the back and forth motion of that 16-pound object on the top of the spine stretches and pulls those muscles in ways the neck is simply not built to withstand safely. Indeed, the average weight of a human head is a wopping 16 pounds, and that is a lot of weight to apply the strong forces present in a car accident.

While driving to your destination in Lynden, Washington, a distracted driver behind you glances down at his cell phone just as you slow for a red light. Bam! He hits your car, and in the moments directly after the crash, you think you're lucky to be alive. However, the following week you feel increasing pain in your neck and back. You see your doctor, have X-rays taken, and the pain remains. Your doctor recommends you see a chiropractor who can address soft tissue injuries caused by car accidents.

Cars are getting safer, but drivers are more dangerous. This is why neck injuries from Ferndale car accidents are on the rise. Even with all the safety features in place, human bodies absorb the shock of a car accident into the soft tissue. One of the most vulnerable places on the human body is the neck. There are a multitidue of bones and soft tissue in the neck that get injured from whiplash in car accidents. Even low speed crashes can cause whiplash and other neck injuries. If you were in a car accident in Ferndale, see your doctor.

Let's say you're waiting for the train to pass, stopped at the stop sign just off the highway. It's a perfect time to rest and relax after driving down the highway at rush hour, and you're almost home. But the driver behind you is busy settling their kids' dispute in the backseat and doesn't even see you. Your head whips forward and then back. You're shaken, but seem okay except in the next few days, your neck becomes very sore, and it's painful to move your head. You need to see your doctor, and though nothing's broken, the pain remains.

Neck injuries such as whiplash are common complaints of Bellingham car accident victims. It's no surprise why. Car accidents are becoming increasingly frequent because drivers are distracted by their phones, passengers, even their pets. Every time a driver checks the phone instead of focuses on the road, the likelihood of a car crash goes way up. The bones and soft tissue in the neck aren't built to withstand the forces of these collisions, even at low speed, without some injury. If you were in a car crash in Bellingham, see your doctor afterwards, even if you feel fine.

Mount Vernon is a wonderful place to live and visit. Nestled alongside the Skagit River, it is rich with great shops downtown, a newly revitalized riverfront center, and a community hub in their Co-op market. Many tourists come for the flower festivals in the spring, as Mount Vernon's tulip and daffodil fields come alive with color then. A perfect time for a car accident, some might say, as drivers gawk at the flowers instead of drive.

Sedro Woolley is the gateway to the Cascades, and one of the entry ways into North Cascades National Park. As such, the town sees a lot of traffic while Highway 20 is open. So imagine if you're heading home after work and another driver fiddling with the GPS plows into you, having neglected to figure out directions before he started his route. It is quite possible that you could have a neck injury or whiplash after your Sedro Woolley car accident. Luckily, chiropractors are able to address soft tissue injuries common in car accidents with great success.

Burlington car accident victims commonly experience neck pain after a car accident. Sometimes the pain is immediate, other times, it takes awhile for the adrenaline to wear off and the inflammation to start in. Bill Coats and his team at Bill Coats Law recommend all accident victims play it safe and have a check up with their doctor after a car accident, especially if their head lashed back and forth. Chiropractors are often able to help victims of whiplash and neck injury in Burlington.