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When a Blaine accident causes injuries or death, people need help to protect their rights

After a serious injury accident in Blaine, the entire family can be affected, and typical daily life can be disrupted. Injury attorney Bill Coats has vast experience working with injured folks, and he knows what they are facing as they move toward recovery.

Resources that help injured people after a Blaine accident

When an injury or fatality accident happens, one thing people need is information – information about the accident itself, and information about what to do next.

The Blaine Police Department will respond to an accident scene when the crash occurs within the city limits, and will create a traffic collision report. Contact the department to find out how to get a copy.

The Whatcom County Sheriff's Department responds when an accident happens in the county.

The Washington State Patrol is the repository for the state's collision records. The agency receives all Vehicle Collision Reports from law enforcement officers at the state, county, city, and town levels, along with civilians that report their own collisions. These reports are written for each vehicle collision resulting in injury or death of any person, or damage to property to $1000 or more. Go here to request a copy of a traffic collision report.

The Blaine Fire & Rescue Department provides immediate help for injured victims. Contact them to obtain copies of their records.

The region's medical centers produce records that support your injury claim

Often the first post-crash experience for an injured person is being treated at Blaine's largest nearby hospital, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Hospital. Major trauma injuries may be referred to the larger regional medical centers:

Once treatment is finished, attorney Bill Coats will obtain copies of all medical records and bills for his clients, so that he can build a full insurance claim and ensure that all bills are paid in full.

Families can get emotional support after losing someone in a fatal Blaine accident

When a loved one is killed in a motor-vehicle accident, many grieving families work with a grief support organization or therapist, to get help recovering and moving forward in life. Go here to learn more about Blaine grief support providers.

The Blaine court systems help accident victims deal with the civil, criminal, and legal aspects of a crash

The Blaine Municipal Court typically has authority over minor criminal matters, traffic tickets, and civil lawsuits where a small amount of money is involved. The Whatcom County Superior Court handles felony cases and civil cases involving larger amounts of money.

Drunk-drivers continue to be a major safety issue and cause of Blaine accidents

Bill Coats Law works with clients every day whose lives have been impacted by the actions of a drunk or drugged driver. We support the efforts of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) as they strive to reduce and prevent these collisions. Here's a link to the MADD site which provides great information on their important work.

Bicyclists and motorcyclists are at higher risk of injury and death on Blaine roadways

In Blaine, bicyclists and motorcyclists face a heightened level of danger due to their lack of protection from the impact of a collision. To improve safety for all road users, learn here about Washington bicycle laws and Washington motorcycle laws. Also, these great organizations serve as advocates for improved safety, and for better road conditions:;

Northwest Motorcycling Sound Rider;

Northwest Motorcycle Association.

Worried about handling your own insurance claim? Bill Coats Law can help you

Contact us if you are struggling with the aftermath of an accident and need some support and advice. We know what you are dealing with now, and we know what you will need to deal with in the future.

Here is how Bill and his team can help:

  • Managing all communications with other parties and their insurance companies;
  • Collecting medical records and bills, police reports, and other important documents;
  • Interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence and statements;
  • Negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf;
  • Communicating with medical providers and collections agencies regarding outstanding bills;
  • Bringing your claim to court if a full settlement is not offered.

Contact Bill Coats Law today to begin your recovery

The legal team at Bill Coats Law will provide you with a no cost, no obligation consultation to answer your questions and evaluate your potential claim. If we believe you have a case, we will offer their services and inform you of the next steps.

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Imagine you are driving along I-5, on your way to visit the beautiful Semiahmoo Spit in Blaine on a sunny afternoon. However, the driver behind you is distracted, and as you slow down with the traffic in front of you, they don't. You're hit, your car rolls, and at highway speeds, the forces are so strong that the car catches fire.

The headline may seem obvious, and unavoidable. Most car accident victims in Blaine who suffer broken bones have no choice but to go to the emergency room. From there, orthopedic surgeons, or even plastic surgeons may be involved in the healing and recovery process. Even after the bone is mended, the injury can still leave lasting marks on the body, either literally by scars, or because of nerve damage or problems with blood flow around internal scar tissue, and arthritis.

Let's say you're driving to Blaine and the Semiahmoo Spit to admire the view when someone clips your car as you drive down the highway. Your vehicle rolls into the median, and miraculously, everyone seems okay. However, in the next few days after your car accident, you experience memory loss, headaches, and stiffness in your neck. It's likely you walked away with a neck and head injury, with a possibile concussion. Sometimes symptoms don't immediately show after a car accident. Often it's in the days following that headaches, neck pain and stiffness, and/or dizziness occur.

Let's say you're waiting for the train to pass, stopped at the stop sign just off the highway. It's a perfect time to rest and relax after driving down the highway at rush hour, and you're almost home. But the driver behind you is busy settling their kids' dispute in the backseat and doesn't even see you. Your head whips forward and then back. You're shaken, but seem okay except in the next few days, your neck becomes very sore, and it's painful to move your head. You need to see your doctor, and though nothing's broken, the pain remains.

You are in an accident in Washington State.  It is your fault.  Your insurance policy will have a line that shows how much liability coverage you have.  The law in Washington states that you must have a minimum $25,000/$50,000 liability coverage policy on all your vehicles.  When it is YOUR FAULT and you have the minimum liability coverage, the injured person will only get $25,000 from your insurance policy, despite how injured they are.  If several people are hurt in the same accident, the policy will pay out no more than $50,000 for the total accident.  This could leave you financially vu

When Blaine Washington police are called to the scene of an auto accident, they will be writing up an accident report.  Some of the items included in this accident report will be: how the accident happened; who was at fault; who the driver(s) were and whether there was insurance.  This is not the information that they give at the scene.  It includes much more.  Personal Injury Attorney Bill Coats will order the complete Blaine Police Report as soon as you make a consultation appointment with him.  To order a Blaine Police Report directly:

You’re driving in Blaine, Washington when suddenly another car crashes into you.  You assess; your shaken but think you’ll be ok.  However, you wake up the next day and you cannot turn your neck without pain.  After diagnostics show it is a soft tissue injury, chiropractic care is often the treatment of choice.  Insurance companies will often pay for reasonable chiropractic treatment at the beginning of the claim.