Why I became a personal injury attorney

I often get asked why I became a personal injury lawyer in Bellingham, Washington.  It all started in 1991, when I was at my first year old Law School. My mother had been burglarized, I tried to console her over the phone and reassure her that the insurance company will help recover the losses from the stolen items.

Boy, was I wrong. The insurance claim was more difficult than the break-in itself. The insurance adjuster threw hurdles and tried to low ball her for every item that was taken from her. Although I tried to help, I was young and unexperienced. Since then, through education and experience I have learned how to level the playing field. Individuals turn to me to negotiate with a company after they have had a car accident or injury.

If you have been hurt in an auto accident, or you’ve sustained a personal injury, know that you don’t have to face the insurance company alone. Let me know how I can help you. I’ve been serving the Bellingham and Whatcom County community for many years. For more information and stories about how I’ve won cases and claims, click here, and to reach me, I’m just a phone call or email away.